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Rainfree Irrigation, an RFI Enterprises, Inc subsidiary, is a brick and mortar company operation based in Mt Pleasant, South Carolina. Rainfree was established in the Low Country by Michael II & Michael III in 1987.

You are welcome to visit our offices to discuss your irrigation issues or we will come to your location based upon your request.

Rainfree has been in the same location, with the same name and land-based telephone number for over two decades enjoying an excellent reputation derived from our knowledge, customer service, and integrity.

Whether your needs require system designs, repairs,modifications maintenance or simple adjustments and programming, we are glad to assist in any manner, we are here to help. With knowledge of all major irrigation systems and manufacturers we have the capability to provide you with services from simple system adjustments to converting your system to a more efficient, cost saving method of irrigation to green technology or SMART irrigation technology.


These SMART systems allow your irrigation system to operate automatically and irrigate “only” when your landscape needs watering, rather than irrigating because today is Wednesday. Your landscape doesn’t know the days of the week or month; it only knows when it needs nourishment.

Our knowledgeable staff can diagnose your systems needs, recommend a solution or course of action and complete the project to your satisfaction promptly and efficiently.

We are here to provide you with the level of assistance you require, no more, no less and have the credentials, experience and knowledge to satisfy.

  • Modifications & conversions of standard based irrigation system to Green Technology
  • Conversions of standard irrigation systems to Xerigation technology
  • Condo Apartment Townhouse Complexes, renovations, maintenance, repairs as well as conversion to Green Technology
  • Kiawah Island Parkway, 12 Mile common Right of Way, Sophisticated Central Control System, Green Technology Base

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These projects were completed in association with a variety of Professions, Landscape Architects, Civil Engineers, City County Managers, Property Managers, and numerous landscapers and landscape designers.

Rainfree Irrigations involvements ranged from design, design-Installation, Project Management oversight as well as project consultants.

These listings below are provided for your use in accessing the scope of our business, as well as providing you with the experience base of Rainfree Irrigation, which is second to none.

  • Carta Bus Terminal, Charleston, SC
  • Ocean Course Golf Pro-Shop, Kiawah Island, SC
  • Kiawah Island Beach Club, Kiawah Resorts Associates
  • Rivercourse Golf Pro-& Club House, Kiawah Resorts Associates, Kiawah Island, SC
  • Cassique Pro-Shop  & Club House, Kiawah Island, SC
  • Seabrook Island Parkway, Seabrook Island, SC
  • Cassique Residential Roads, Rights of Way, Kiawah Island, SC
  • Wanamaker Water Park, North Charleston, SC
  • Cougar Golf Course Pro-Shop
  • City of Charleston, SC Historic Buildings Restorations & Landmarks
  • Kiawah Island Ryder Cup Golf, Special amenity activities
  • Kiawah Island Tennis Club grounds, Kiawah Island, SC
  • Kiawah Island, Tennis facilities, Kiawah Island, SC
  • Charleston & Charleston County Sports Recreation Fields, Charleston, SC
  • Residential Designs, modifications & repairs with-in a 50-mile radius from Mt Pleasant, SC
Our success is due not only by the services we provide, but to our customers referrals to their friends and associates.

SMART Green Technology ~ “Go Green – Think Lean”:

“Green Technology” refers either to “a means of energy production that is environmental friendly or a technology itself that is considered less harmful than the technologies that are more traditional.”

Rainfree uses such green technology whenever & whereever it is possible to do so and we use that as one of our Best Management Practice Policys.

Current Green Technology demands have click picdeveloped weather based, site specific irrigation controllers along with integrated weather stations that efficiently and effectively utilize current digital technology to control irrigation systems based upon landscape conditions at your location.

These technologies take what was once a seat-of-the-pants controller programming method although based on formulas, and converts them to automatically operate a system based upon weather & environmental factors at your specific location

These factors take into consideration your landscape information, such as, soil type, moisture, rain, wind, temperature, humidity, plant type, slope etc. and based upon these items calculate exactly the amounts of irrigation needed for optimal operation on a zone by zone basis and does so automatically 365 day a year.

What this means to you is that your irrigation system provides the ideal amount of water to your landscape “without you having to touch or program the controller daily or seasonally” all done efficiently and effectively.

The efficiencies have proven to provide a 20 – 70% water savings annually, resulting in cost and water savings due to the efficient use of water applications. These reductions in most systems allow for a return on invest or payback of the Smart Technology in 12 – 18 months.

Rainfree has designed and installed, as well as retrofitted Smart Technology applications for residential, resort, and commercial properties and communities resulting in significant savings in both water use and utility costs. We would be pleased to discuss how we may be of service to you.

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