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Irrigation System Maintenance & Repair

Rainfree Irrigation provides a host of regularly scheduled maintenance services for a variety of clients, Commercial Operations, Condo & Apartment Complexes, Resort Facilities, Municipalities, Property Managers, Home & Property Owner Associations as well as Residential properties.

Each type of client differs in their requirements and as such Rainfree works with them to ensure that they receive the services they want and need.Regularly scheduled irrigation maintenance services range from monthly, bi-monthly, or semi-annual, and therefore can be scheduled around your needs, and budget.

Regularly scheduled irrigation system maintenance programs are designed to allow your system to operate efficiently and effectively while providing you with both cost & water savings. Our services are inclusive and provide a cornucopia of services that either is ignored or outside the knowledge of those providing landscape services.

These services are integrated into your overall plan to increase both the curb appeal of your property as well as provide your landscape with the proper amount of irrigation required to keep them healthy.

Popular Irrigation Maintenance Services include:

  • Entire system checked zone by zone
  • Ensure all components are operating and adjusted properly
  • Preventive maintenance to stop unexpected problems
  • Programming of system for optimal efficiency and requirements
  • Rapid emergency response
  • Repair/correct problems before they become disastrous
  • Adjust spray/sprinklers for best coverage
  • Inclement weather preventative procedures


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What's the VALUE in Preventative Maintenance Services?
Benefit   Result
Reduced Utility bills   Cost Savings
Preserves Precious Resources  Green Efficiency
Increases System Efficiency  Cost Reduction
Improves Curb Appeal   Property Value & owner Appeal
Improves Turf & Plant Life  Prevents Replacement Costs

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