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RAINFREE Irrigation offers a wide variety of services to both commercial and residential property owners/managers.


  • All systems, manufacturers & designs
  • Domestic water systems
  • Pump & well systems
  • Backflow preventers
  • Main & lateral lines
  • Valves, located, repaired & replaced
  • Controllers programmed, replaced
  • Lightning damage trouble-shooting, estimates & repair

Modifications/ existing systems

  • New landscapes changes, trees, sod, or beds
  • Pool construction
  • House renovation/expansion –relocate existing system components
  • System up grading
  • Conversions to drip/trickle irrigation
  • Installation of micro-drip irrigation to potted planters, beds, hanging pots
  • Conversions to Smart “Green Technology
  • Rain Sensors – “Stop watering after rain”

Systems Design

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Resort
  • Condo/Apartment, Townhouse complexes
  • Municipal
  • Recreational

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Designing an irrigation system for your landscape project requires more than just wetting an area.

Whether your requirement is Commercial, Resort, Sports related or Residential they are all in need of a system that will provide irrigation to the landscape efficiently, effectively and automatically based you’re your landscapes needs. Each system is designed around your specific set of parameters, such as site conditions as well as seasonal weather conditions. 

Landscapers, particularly on new landscape installations, require the guaranty of an installed irrigation system prior to providing a warrantee on their plantings, A properly designed and installed irrigation system, together with your approved landscape plan ensures maximum efficiency and effectiveness while providing cost savings and reduced operating expenses, particularly when using green technology, drip irrigation and Smart Irrigation Technology.

An irrigation design plan, together with specifications, allows for competitive bidding from qualified operations allowing for apples-apples comparisons, rather than seat of the pants bids for which there is no way to compare the types, quantity or quality of the systems or materials included in the bid.

Rainfree has designed systems, prepared bid documents, & provided installation oversight on projects large & small for Commercial, Resort, Sports Fields, Residential as well as major special event applications for the last 25 years.

Rainfree will interface with you and/or your landscape architect to ensure an efficient & effective irrigation system is designed into your landscape plan and prepare the required bid documents for competitive bidding.

We would appreciate your consideration in Rainfree when reviewing professionals for your next project.

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